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PRC Probs... Getting Code #2 (going insane)
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Ok I took out 3 of my PRC actuators and opened them up... 2 front and back pass side. I also cleaned the switch with contact cleaner... the switch seems to respond better now...I have verified that all actuators click, but my firm light will come on for a seconds and then i hear another click and it goes off....

after that the light will blink two times about every 7 to 9 seconds (code #2?) 2 - Fault in RH rear activator circuit

what is going on here? could this be easily fix able? All the actuators look fine and turn in a healthy manner.

also when I rock my TC while its off the car kinda rocks back and forth and not up and down like all my other cars. What the hell is that about?

Adam S.

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A quick and easy test (and it's even part of troubleshooting the PRC system in the manual) is to swap that actuator with another known good one on the car.

Example, move the RH rear to the LH rear and put the LH rear where the RH rear was.

Clear the PRC and then operate the system. If the code changes and follows where you placed the original RH actuator, more than likely it's a bad actuator.

However, if you still get the same code, than there is a slim chance that the "new" actuator isn't good either. Or, more than likely, you'll need to break out the volt/ohm meter and PRC computer and start having fun.

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