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So, after doing a bunch of troubleshooting this weekend, I've narrowed down my problems with the PRC giving me codes.

I followed the trouble tree in the service manual and in the end I got to "actuator and shock binding - replace shock and actuator".

I have spare actuators and already tried swapping them out. What I found is that the pin in the strut is very difficult to turn. I tried lubricating them, and that helped, but not enough.
What was throwing me off was that the codes would swap from LF to RF depending on what I was doing.

So, I have 1 spare strut. I've been in contact with an eBay seller for a couple of more.

So... My question - I read the service manual on strut replacement, and it references replacing the inner strut mount as well as the strut by removing the top 3 bolts (leaving the rivet). It looks like the strut just goes up through the mount. Do I really need to dis assemble the upper mount to just replace the strut? If I pull that, then I have to have an alignment etc.

It looks like I can just jack the car up from the lower control arm, pull the wheel (and caliper?) and run the top and side bolts out..

Any practical tips/tricks or am I on the right track?

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no just remove the big nut
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It's easier to remove and install the strut if you remove the the top mount, but not absolutely necessary. you will need to pull the wheel, the caliper, the rotor, rotor shield and and remove the 2 bolts on top of the spindle. I would recommend supporting the car on the frame, it's a lot easier to remove and install the strut if you let the A arm drop down some but be careful not to let it drop too far as the spring can pop out with some considerable force and hit you if your in the way. I put a jack under the A arm to to keep it stable while you work and keep a little compression on the spring.
There is no alignment adjustment on the stock strut tower mount, it should bolt back in place pretty close to where it was but I would have the alinement checked anyway when you change the struts.

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Thanks lonstar7!

So I'm confused. If there is no alignment adjustment on the mount, what is that multi-hole piece under the reward nut on the top of the strut mount? It looks like this is some sort of adjustment.

I guess I'll have to go back and look in the manual..

While I'm in there, is there anything else that could use a little preventative maintenance? Brakes are all good. I'll check bushings etc. of course, but is there anything specific I should look for?

1988 TurboCoupe 5 Speed - 50,XXX Miles, stock as a rock. I drove it off the showroom floor in January 1989....

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It is an adjustment point. You would have to drill out the rivet while it is on the alignment machine and they re-rivet it. You do not need to touch that to remove the upper mounts. Just do as Lonstar7 said and you should be fine.
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