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Power steering leak/whine
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After replacing the rack and pinion unit, steering OK but seems I have redeveloped a small leak-----can't find it-----and the old whine is back. So---has anyone ever replaced their 88Turbo power steering unit with a better brand. I do believe all the air has worked out of the system since rack replacement---but tired of the leak and WHINE!!! Think I should have replaced the hoses from bottom power steering resevoir to the rack????? I didn't !!!

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Probably a good idea to replace the hoses especially if you dont know how old they are (FOR SAFETY SAKE) but obviously they are not causing the noise. I replaced mine with a AGR ford replacement. I removed the stock hose connected reservoir (common only the the tbird turbo at least to my knowledge) with a self containing reservoir unit (typical ford unit). No modification needed otherwise (you will notice the stock rounded cutout around the PS pump on the aluminum mounting bracking). This company makes pumps for nascar racing divisions the tech admitted the design is prone to noise but they have tighter tolerances than a ford replacement. So far mine isn't bad. been about a year of daily driving and about 2 years sitting. I used redline racing fluid that the tech recommended. Call them. I thought about using a GM "TC style/design" pump because they are better in his opinion but didn't feeling modding and getting into another project. Look at there site and call for details
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Lucas! It's worth a shot.
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The Ford design PS pump is prone to whine when *any* air is in the system - even bubbles so small you can't see them. If you've got a leak, that may also be where the air is getting into the system.

So, first fix the leak, then replace the fluid. I second the use of Redline synthetic; I too have an AGR pump and that's what they recommend. There's actually been discussion of putting a vacuum on the PS reservoir (while the pump is running) to get all the extraneous air out. I believe that Jeff K was the post's author.

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I had the same problem , replaced rack and pressure hose, getting the air out of the system was a pain in tha A$$ , I tried every trick and procedure in the book i.e. turn wheel clock to clock let set , bleed the line using another resevoir and block ing return all recommended fluids. some of these procedures helped some but noise was still there, finally I went to parts store and got a bottle of traction/friction additive for posi units poored it ( Man does it stink) drove it around for mile or 2 poof noise gone ....

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