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Power outlet in place of ashtray
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Hi all,

Since I don't smoke, I decided to turn the useless ashtray into something more functional.   I'd been mentally working out how to hack and build the concept and then discovered, ChinAmazon did most of the work for me!

Here's the final result:

[Image: 20230802_081508.jpg]

I used this USB & AC outlet inverter:

[Image: 71LGOPGJVyL._AC_SL1500_.jpg]

I'd been comparing a few different models when I realized that particular one was just about perfectly sized to drop right in where the ash cup sat.  The only problem with that is it will fall right in and through, of course.  To solve that and make the installation OEM clean, I measured and custom cut a new bezel for the inverter.  I removed the screws at the corner of the inverter's original bezel, overlayed my new insert bezel on top, then re-used the same screws to secure that.

I removed the shifter boot base and ash cup, then bent/tucked the console diagnostic connector (under the cup) out of the way.   I dropped the inverter into place and it fit perfectly.  Then I snaked the inverter's short cord and plug through the console, next to the shifter, with the plug dangling beneath the console bottom.   Replace the shifter platform and boom, done!  

To use the new power ports, plug the cord into the lighter socket:  amazingly the cord is the exact correct length!  Not too long or short, it reaches just so as if it was tailor made for this specific application!   Even better, you can tuck the plug under the console base when not in use, so that when the ashtray-turned-outlet cover is closed, nobody will ever suspect a thing.  Of course you could tap the inverter into fused/switched power as well for an even cleaner or more permanent install, but I didn't go that far yet. 

I hope some of you find this clever and/or useful for modernizing your own rides Smile
-Tony L.   
Frankfort, KY
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