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Posted links wont open
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Many links listed will not open and give me the 404 error. sure would be nice to see critical links

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(04-08-2020, 12:25 AM)brokenbirdy Wrote: Many links listed will not open and give me the 404 error. sure would be nice to see critical links

Can you post a link to an example post or two? It will help to see if you're talking about an external or internal link. The former NATO has no control over.

I suspect you're talking about internal links to other threads on NATO from years ago. If so, I believe NATO was running on UBB and moved to MyBB to cause this issue as the links were not converted. IMO that didn't need to happen but it looks like it did. I don't think much can be done about that now, after the conversion, without some fairly extensively work which is probably while it has remained this way for some time now.

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Browsing through last night I came across a few. Like you said they are all older links so I guess they didn't get converted. Thanks JW

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that's normal, unfortunately. the site has since moved to a different software and the root domain name has changed to
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I have a 88 turbocoupe and I found my problem but I can't find the male part for on the clust for in the back of it need help soon asap I need these car up and running again

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What part of the area of the cluster does it attach to?
Pete Dunham


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Can you post a pic? From your description I have no idea what you are talking about.
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