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possible pilot bearing failure
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on saturday my buddy erik and i took a drive in rural south jersey for the ultimate let em rip spot.
we found a spot and i let em rip, bouncing off the rev limiter in 1st gear. left about 50ft of nice dark marks.
well after that, i have no clutch disengagement. its always locked to the engine. i made it back to eriks and back to my house 30 miles without a clutch. just starting in gear and carefully shifting.
i can see the clutch fork push the throw out bearing into the pressure plate. when the pedal is pushed. i thinking i may have welded the bushing/bearing to my crank shaft. what do you guys think? i have 15k on the spec stage 3 clutch. so i have my doubts i killed the pressure plate. i wont be able to mess with it until monday night. just getting what you think i did. other then kill my poor tbird again..
one thing. it doesnt leave me stranded.
Brian Larkin
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depress the clutch with trans in 1st gear, and try to turn the driveshaft and see if the clutch disc will spin. just make sure you have the rear end up on jackstands. its possible the pressure plate failed.
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One of the clutch plate springs popped out and caused it to be always engaged and would not shift unless I turned off the engine first. Luckily only 5 miles from home. Good luck
Pete Dunham


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