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Pop & misses- post for a friend
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I have a friend who has an '86 ranger with the complete '88 tc set up in it. He has been chasing down a miss on the engine for weeks. I gave him the advice that I got from this website. He has new plugs, new OE wires, cap, rotor and a newer TFI module. The problem was solved for a month and then it came back(even with another set of wires after the first ones). It pops out the tailpipe... so for sure it's a spark issue. Any suggestions for him to look at next? I looked down the FAQ's and some recent posts..... everyone says OE wires.... done already. Thanks.

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Check the cam belt for timing and looseness. It may be jumping teeth. The other thing is pull the codes looking for ignition related stuff.

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I had a similar problem with my '88 tc, and I tried similar fixes. Turned out the in tank strainer that attaches to the fuel pump had come off the pump and clogged up the screen on the pump intake.
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