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Plastic fuel lines to fuel rail
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After a massive fire, I need the plastic lines that run from the metal lines from the back and connect to the fuel rail .
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matt , what I bought is even better than the stock, got it off e-bay . was a fuel type race hose that you can run any way you like . I ran mine just like the OEM . but was way easy to do and will last longer than that plastic. Bad thing on the OEM plastic on our cars is that they had a flange type at the end and you can not just slip a OEM back on , it will leak . Best to go with a good rubber type fuel line . I went over my limit but got real nice race hose at 8 bucks a foot . But when you think about it , really don't need 20 feet , so go with the good stuff . I think I bought 12 feet and had alittle extra . I even used the OEM fuel clips on the frame line along the door . good luck on the fix. D.Wilder

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