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Anyone like that new show Pinks?
I'd like to see a TC or any turbo 2.3 for that matter show up something.
Be funny to ask for 3 or 4 car lengths cause you only got a 4 banger, fake first race, then bag the last 2. [Image: wink.gif]
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Don't know anybody that would be crazy enough to race for titles no matter how much you can negotiate. Strategy goes haywire, you lose your car. Awful high stakes to say the least.
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Me and my father dont realy like the show. It was kinda dumb, but a stock car vs a worked camaro with a 300 shot of bottle is never fair. If it were a more even match with a tree and et I would like it a bit more. Just kind of a lame lay out IMO.

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I haven't been desperate enough for something to watch to have turned it on.
After reading the buzz at Turboford I'll pass.;t=016685

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I've caught maybe five minutes of it while channel surfing, and IMHO it's got to be about the lamest excuse for a "reality" show that anyone's ever dreamed up. I hope it dies a quick death!

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I agree with Joe. Everything about that show is a complete failure (as is the case with most of SpeedChannel's shows). They can't even make a decent car-related show anymore, so I have no idea what they were thinking when they entered the reality tv business.
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Just because you're not paranoid,....Doesn't mean they're not after you!

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#9 the lamest car show on Speed......actually on TV. I'd rather watch NOPI than suffer through an episode of that crap and i's annoying host. The show could be half decent if it was simply straight up racing with somewhat equal cars instead of all this lame ass "negotiating" for car lengths that never ends up in real negotiation....more often than not the guy gets told by the host what he's gonna settle for "or I'll take both cars"......LAME!

Thankfully this show will die a quick death because everybody pretty much hates it and thinks it sucks.

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Do some research and you'll be even more amazed. The "loser" contacted Speed about being on the show had built a very budget Formula bird to race against a Civiv from Cali, who backed out. So Speed wanted him to find his own competitor and he asked his good friend and fellow shop owner so they could both get air time (the car would never exchange hands). Well his car started leaking from the oil pan so he borrowed another friend (who was there) TA to race. They were at that track all day and had to act out the crap and pretend not to know each other. The Camaro's motor really did blow but it was all a scam and both guys hated it because their shops didn't get the plugs Speed had promised. NASCAR brown-nosing channel cooks up another winner! If it wasn't for the WRC, LeMans, and F1 coverage, that channel would never get turned on.

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