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pinging at low rpms?
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One more question. It seems that I have pinging when the engine is cold at low rpms. Once my boost/vac gauge gets above 0 (into boost range) noise disappears. It also disappears when hot. No pinging at all under boost or WOT.

Got a 255lph installed. Timing on the money at 10* with spout out.

I also can hear it, very feintly, while in park and reving at 3k and above. Most noticeable driving slow though.

Now I am starting to think that it may be something else because as it heats up, it stops.

Any ideas?

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are you absolutely sure it's pinging as in detonation? I ask because what you are describing are the conditions where actual detonation is least likely - cold, low rpms, light load and yet it's disapperaring when it gets warm and/or you get into boost. Warm and in the boost are where detonation usually occures. are you sure it isn't lifter noise or noisy fuel injectors.

If it is detonation then I think you could have an EGR problem or a vacuum leak.

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