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PimpXS installation
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Over the past month i slowly bought all the require parts to go to stand alone type computer system.
I choose the PimpXS system. this unit is from stinger perfoamnce and includes a base tune with purchase. i bought the ECU used and bought an accessory kit directly from stinger along with a wide band O2 sensor, controller and gauge. also added in optional boost controller. and then the Tuner Studio License. all directly from Stinger. 
the reason why i choose this set. 
this a sequential fire system that will support individual injector firing and then in the future individual coil fire. which would eliminate the TFI system and the need for a distributor.
these are features i can add in the future. but for now i have it set up like a factory LA3 using batch fire injectors and TFI Distributor ignition system.
this new ECU uses a MAP sensor for airflow input. so there is no need to have the VAM anymore. which is a huge restriction in power.
i upgraded my injectors to 80lb/hr units. i had to do this since the PimpXS require high impedance injectors. the factory brown top 36 lb/hr injectors are low impedance and are not compatible. i followed the guidance of stinger and few other TCr's about this process.
i got everything installed in one night. hit a few bumps but got it running.
it has a AutoTune feature which lets the ECU determine what it needs as far as fuel goes. which got it set up nicely and smooth.
it nice to read actual live data from the ecu. its been running great for me. we are still tweaking a few things and im getting tech support from stinger's tech board about it.
cruising and around town driving its perfect. but WOT its still need to be tweaked for maximum performance.
was one of the big investments in the car. but well worth it to keep it going into the future.

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Thanks for the report, Brian. This is something I want to do maybe as early as next year. I look forward to following along on updates.

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I have one I need to install this summer, I have read that you should install it while the car is warmed up to make it easier to do the initial start up, compared to a cold start. Did you do a cold start or warmed up? What were the small bumps you alluded to? Thanks for the updates, look forward to installing mine.
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