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I noticed on Stingers forums they must be having issues with the pimp section, so thought I would post here. I just purchased and waiting for my PIMPx to be delivered, but am still collecting parts for the install, my question has to deal with the wideband o2 sensor. I already have an Autometer 3370 installed in my 88, do I have to buy the Spartan controller and another sensor to run the pimpx, or can I use my already installed autometer one? I love the analog gauge of the Autometer and want to keep that functional as well. If I have to spend the extra money to get Stingers controller and sensor that's fine, just hate to spend extra if I don't have to. Thanks
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Right from Stinger's Pimp instructions:

"We sell the Spartan 2 wideband controller, sensor, and optional gauge that were designed specifically for ECU’s like ours both individually and in kit form on our site, listed right below the ECU’s. For the most accurate AFR data being sent to the ECU, we suggest our kit. If you already have another brand though it will certainly work."
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