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Pillar Mounted Gauge Pod
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Pillar Mounted Gauge Pod
by Pete Dunham email [email protected]

I used the Autometer ATM 10120, pillar mounted, dual gauge pod. You can get it from Summit Racing, 800-230-3030. It comes in black, did not exactly match the black of my interior but was close enough to look OK. As far as I know they only come in black. By the way this is the pod for 1994 and newer Mustangs. The length and contour profile are a very good fit. I believe it could be colored, but I don't have specific info on it.

Try checking with the Eastwood Co,, they may have interior coloring kits. I know I have seen such item somewhere. I've also heard you may be able to get interior coloring from Ford - see dealer.

On the installation. I used the autometer #2164 boost/vac gauge because it went to 30 psi boost. You will get some 6' of plastic tubing with it which is not enough length for the path I choose to route mine. I used a brass barbed fitting that will fit on the back of the gauge in place of the compression fitting in the gauge kit and used vacuum hose all the way. Get at least 7 feet. I ran mine from the vacuum "T" on the firewall rather than try to plumb to the intake manifold per the instructions. Works great. I ran mine down the middle of the firewall and cut a small hole in the rubber boot where the steering shaft comes through the firewall. I used a pocket knife, just pushed it through. Before removing the knife I fed a stiff piece of wire through from the inside to use in pulling the vac hose through. The rubber boot is a double layer boot. You will have to remove the "A" pillar trim piece. Where it meets the dash you will be able to feed the hose/wiring up to the A pillar. Use the stiff wire here also, feed it down from the top, tape on the hose/wiring and feed it up and through. I would recommend mounting the boost gauge in the pod closest to the dash.

Note: I spent several hours trying to find a 3 outlet fitting for the intake manifold that would allow me to use the tubing and fittings supplied with the gauge without any luck. In addition the tubing kinked when I was feeding it up through the dash. That's when I got PO'd and went with vacuum hose all the way. If you can't find the right sized brass barb, let me know, I'll get you one and mail it off. cost me about $1.40.

I wired my gauges into fuse #11 on the fuse panel for the gauge lights.

I did not have to trim the pod to fit the "A" pillar. I did have to very slightly enlarge one of the holes to get a gauge to fit in, no big problem.

Hope this helps. If I can help in any way, let me know.

Pete Dunham

[email protected]

Picture coming soon (hopefully)!
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