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Picked up two 87 TC's yesterday.
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I picked up two 87 TC's yesterday with the intention of parting them out. Both are non running and one is supposed to have engine / trans troubles. The other, a 100,000 mile car was said to be running when parked about two years ago but not now. I haven't yet had time to mess with it. It has a complete, new looking 3 in. exhaust that exits on the passenger side in front of the rear wheel. It has a manual boost controller and there was a Bob's log header laying in the rear seat. The body needs paint and all lights, but otherwise the body is good! If I can get this one running, it may be too tempting to keep it. Oh, and it has leather interior as well! The underside looks good too! I'll keep you posted.
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What luck to happen across a Bobs-log just laying in the rear seat... kinda like Christmas in August!!
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