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Anybody have there website about there Turbo Coupe they like to share?


1988 Turbo Coupe 5spd, dark blue
Brian Larkin
88TC 330,000 miles
Slightly Modified

Not neccessarily "about" TurboCoupes, but including the ones that I've owned...

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Kinda about all turbos. I just clicked over 10,000 hits ! WOW!!
(sold Sad ) 87 5speed, Motorsport head, [email protected]+2, [email protected], gutted or ported everything & all the typical junk.
84 Gt350 2.3T T-top
84 Turbo GT 418rwhp

My Garage

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<a href="">My Home Page</a> contains other stuff, but most pages are about my Bird.

Jim Portteus
86 Turbo Coupe, 131K Miles, 140MPH Speedo, Gillis Valve, 2 1/2" Downpipe to 2" Duals w/ 18" Glasspacks, 245/50R16's and new paint.

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Jim Portteus

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I got a bunch of site - but my business site is

And my tbird site is

Here is my 1988 TC, Clean look - Glad to be here...
[email protected]
Here is a pic of my baby
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Here is my 1987 TC, Mean look - Glad to be here...
[email protected]
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