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Passenger Tail Pipe
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I opted for the stinger down, mid, and magnaflow. Now I am looking to get a spun cat and a tail pipe. I know it's going to cut a little bit of power and I also live in a no emissions county. My car has gotten the nick-name dirty-bird because I live on a dirt road and hardley ever wash it (for ultimate sleeper effect Big Grin) but I would like the dirty-bird to at least smell nice..

I can't seem to find just a passenger side tail-pipe from stinger and he seems to be on vacation as I haven't heard back from him in a few days (Usually he's in contact within a few hours, even after 5PM). Did I miss it on his website? Or are there any 3" or 2.5" premade stuff for sale out there?

Also, offtopic, whats the deal with flipping the exhaust manifold? Do the ports match up correctly?

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I have no cat and the exhaust has zero smell. (No emissions here for pre 96 cars). If your exhaust smells bad, you have a problem. If you install a cat and are running rich or lean, you will melt the cat into slag and plug up your exhaust pretty quickly.
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