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parking brake freezing
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i had this same problem for the past 7 years on two different cars. i don't know what im doing wrong, but i getting pretty fed up with it now.

so the parking brake works perfect.. as long as it stays above 32*f. so yes, my parking brake is Freezing up.

i would say ditch the parking brake. But i live with a inclined driveway and this low compression engine wont hold it on the hill.

so far i have replaced front cable, both rear cables (new from wagner) replaced the calipers with both new and old, and have relubed, replaced, and rebuilt these slides so man times.
so its obvious i either missing something completely or doing it wrong.

ugh out of the things i love about this car, its the one thing that makes me wanna get rid of it. i need a working parking brake all year, its my main mod of transportation as my ranger kills my back and now wish it wasnt lowered when i bought it....... ugh not a good night.
i avg about 8mpg on the way home tonight with the brake stuck on for 3 miles. until i killed the pads and it slowly broke free.

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i had this problem before with moisture getting inside the cable and freezing, i used some sprayable lithium grease in the can with the straw and sprayed it into the cable until it was coming out the other side, solved my problem, hope this helps.
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I grew up in the midwest and learned early on, no matter what type of car, to not use the parking brake in cold, slushy/rainy weather. It will freeze. Either park with the front wheel/tire turned into the curb, or use a block.
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