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Parking brake assembly?
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Hi guys,

I brought my TC in to deal with my broken parking brake. Basically what happened overwinter was the parking brake got stuck to the rotor. When I released the pedal, it came part way up but the brake was still engaged. I had no choice but to force the car to move with it still engaged, and it released.. but now the pedal doesn't work.

The shop says it needs a new 'assembly'. Their Ford part number is E5$2-2780-A. I couldn't quite get out of them exactly what it was but it sounds like the pedal itself? Not sure why that couldn't be fixed. But I did do a search and cannot seem to find that part number anywhere. Hoping someone has some ideas here.
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If you need the parking brake pedal assembly, I have some.
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Do I believe the cables rusted up or the calipers are stuck? Yes. Do I believe the actual pedal assy has gone bad? Not likely. Get a second opinion.
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Yeah I'm having trouble understanding how the assembly could go bad. They gave me a part description with picture of what I need and indeed it is the assembly. But I just can't see what would break on that to necessitate complete replacement. The brake itself is definitely not stuck.. it was stuck.. but after backing up a couple feet it did release with a great thunk.

I have had periodic issues with the pedal.. where I press it and it feels like it's just sliding. But usually a couple of presses and it would grip again. I don't get it. Its hard for me to get under there and look to see what is going on but I'm going to try.
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