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Painting Scoops ( Dan E? )
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Hey all,

I saw in the showroom pictures of Dan Eaves t-bird with painted scoops...I think it looks really nice and was thinking of doing it to well as tinting the windows and repainting the fading black trim around the windows...

Anyhoo...for those who have done the scoops, couple of questions! (:

1. Do they unbolt from underneath the hood easily?

2. Take them off, sand them down, and paint them with primer then paint? I'm a beginner in this area.

3. Will the paint hold up well to engine heat?

Thanks guys! -Joe
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2.yes.. dont forget clearcoat if wanted


Actually I don't primer anything I do first, I usually do a single coating on something first to get an idea of what it will look like. If I like it, then I go w/ it..

I dunno, that how I do things, its all in your preference.

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What Andrew said... [Image: biggrin.gif]

I didn't prime mine either...just scuffed with like 800 grit and then painted. I need to do them again (better than my first attempt)...but it's lasted 3 years or so.

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i sanded mine with 400 grit, then primer them, then sanded with 800, painted the Toyota suepr white base coat on, sanded that with 1500, agian witht he white, then sanded with 1500, then i sprayed my clear, sanded with 2000, then two more coats of clear and valoa! super bright toyota white hood scoop ona dark blue TC, it makes me easy to spot! so does the reflective white decals!

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