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Paint costs?
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I just drove to the body shop that will be doing my bumper. I asked for a quick estimate on what it would cost to do the rest of the car and he said roughly $3,500 because of the faded paint. Its taken down to the base coat and has surface rust in a few places on the roof, and his explanation was that all of the top panels will have to be taken down to the metal to be redone. Does $3,500 sound right for this or should I check out other body shops in the area? My car is the Ford Gunmetal Grey and thats the color I want to keep, and add some translucent ghost flames later on that start with pearl and fade to orange or red. This price quote did not include the flames, just the regular paint.
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I dont have a good answer for you, but quality paint jobs cost BIG $$. Wifes Taurus got keyed along the pass side rear quarter and rear door. There was no body work needed, just repainting to repair it. Cost to repaint the quarter and door, blend into existing paint was $850, all of which was paint materials and labor at a high quality body shop that I knew does excellent work.
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yeah that sounds about right..a quality paint job is not cheap and im sure you know to stay away from maaco. the prep work is what kills you, but all things aside you get what you pay for!
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Ryan, I work in a body shop and $3500 for an all over that is faded or peeling is a good price, if your doing a slick job. If it is a quicky, one that you don't take the car apart you just tape everything up, sand quick, and paint, then it is a little high. For a slick job done right, You have to take all the old dead paint off. If there is any surface rust, it has to be sanded, primed and block sanded. If there are any dents, you have to pull them, fill them, block them, prime them, and block them again, and maybe prime and block again depending on the result of the first blocking. Then you have tear down, all the rest of the prep, sealing, basecoat, clearcoat, sand paper, paper, tape, reassembly, wet sanding, buffing, glazing, etc. etc. Basecoat/ clearcoat paint is very high now. Especially the clearcoat. For the best stuff for my car, the sprayable material alone is going to be around $500 my price. It would be much more retail. Just my 2 cents...Tommy

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The shop that is doing my bumper has an extremely good reputation for the area. I spoke to a few people in my family that live here and they've all heard of it and/or had work done, they supposedly are the best in the area. It is Precision Collision on Hwy 77 in Panama City. From what I've seen so far, they do really good work and I'll be happy with just the bumper for now. I'm going to ask him to give me the recepie for the paint he mixes so I can get the rest of the body done later on.
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Ryan, I had over $800 into just the materials, when I painted my TC. How many hours of labor I couldn't even guess on that, I know its a lot. Quality paint jobs cost.
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I painted the engine compartment on Thunderstang. 1 pt of color, 1 pt of clear, just enough hardner and reducer cost $125 jobber rate! The stuff ain't cheap! To save money, strip everything off the car that's not going to be painted. To save alot of money, do the prep work yourself. You'll need access to a good air compressor and a quality D/A but you can save a ton of $$$ doing your own prep work, and you'll know it was done right!
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