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paint/clearcoat question
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Quick hypothetical question for you guys who have some body and fender experience.

Say I wanted to paint my car, and after having removed all of the original paint down to bare metal. I decide that I want to keep the brushed metal looking finish and just clearcoat over top of the bare metal to keep things from rusting.

Is this possible and can anyone steer me in the right direction for supplies? or have any thoughts in general?
If I brought the body down to bare metal and only clear coated it, (numerous coats) is there a way to prevent rusting and have a gloss finish that holds up over time?

Just a thought, I know it may sound off the wall and nuts, but I can picture it. If that is unfeasible, I guess I'll paint it to look like bare metal then clearcoat, maybe that's easier anyway. My whole idea is to have a section of my car sort of look like the body of an old p51 mustang. If anyone ever saw Mike Calvert's Outlaw Mustang you know what I mean.

Anyway, just something I wanted some input on.

Dan S Offline
I'm not sure you would want to tackle such a project. Under that 20 year old paint is more filler than you care to imagine, which came from the factory. The filler is used to cover all the imperfections and joints where the body panels mate.

The P-51 is made out of aluminum and looks beautiful when the dimples are removed and the surface polished.

The DeLorean, I belive was brushed stainless.

I've never seen the Mustang you mentioned in your post.

I have over $7,000 in my paint job, so I can imagine what it would be like to remove the paint, block all the metal imperfections and figure a method to make the joints flawless!
The cost would be in my humble opinion, not worth the cost of the end result.

But if you want a custom car for show, creativity is everything.

Enjoy your ride!
Dan S
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IIRC the DeLorean "skins" were made of thin stainless laminated on to some sort of plastic sheet.
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If, and this is a big if you were able to get it down to the base metal, pretty much by the time you picked up the gun to shoot it, you would already have the beginnings of oxidation. Over time, it would get worst.

Without some sort of phosphorus or other chemical treatment... I just couldnt see it happeing. That and all the others mentioned above.

That said, I have used clear-in-a-can to help seal spots until I could get to them later.... its better than nothing.

Just a .05$ worth. (inflation)
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SK 88 T-Bird Offline
I'm not sure if this will help, look at this website called POR 15:

This stuff is awesome, but check to make sure it is UV protected even though it says it won't yellow. You will be looking at a product called Glisten PC. You can also request a free catalog, all of their product are awesome!!
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SK 88, have you used this and what did you use it on? I've tried a few things on polished alum and I haven't found anything I'm completely satisfied with for various reasons
Pete Dunham


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I'm into body and painting. I also have a magazine from the maker of House of Kolors which details things like bare metal artwork on cars. There is one guy that does some pretty awesome paint jobs using bare metal and some graphics like on the hoods and such. I would contact someone who does true wild/custom paint jobs for some advice. But I don't think I would do a complete car in bare metals because of the forementioned joint area like the roof line. Some might use lead but that isn't for the faint of heart (or part time hobbyist) House of Kolors also have some products that you could use but there again talk to someone in person or phone. Good luck on your project Smile
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Pete, I haven't used Glisten PC yet for myself, but a friend has and swears by it. He didn't paint his car with it. He used it on projects around the house, not a car and I also remember he said he had to thin it out a little with their thinner and worked very well. I was only making a suggestion for Turbo D to look at the product and see if it would be applicable to what he was trying to due. If it were me, I would use an automotive clear paint. I personally would not do what he is trying to due. Unless the vehicle was made to look like polished metal, paint is the best way to go. I feel he will have too many imperfections and will stand out even more when clear painted.
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