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i know i posted on this before but i tryed all day to get the seat out with it stuck all the way back i dont really like driving around without a seat belt cant afford a ticket or getting launched through the windshield if i do get in a accident
i dont rally care if i ruin the power seat rack, i have one that works in my parts car
anyhow my question is does anyone have any idea how to get the seat to move without power, or if i can infact change the belt buckle without removing the seat?
thanks for any ideas
and sorry for re-posting
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I kind of looked ar my seat to see what's what. I don't have any good news. I can tell you that the three motors in the power base move the various seat functions through flexible drive cables. You could see if removing the front seat hold down bolts would allow you to lift the front of the seat enough to get at anything or not. If you could find the right cable and get it off the motor and turn it by hand you could move the seat forward. This is a real long shot and I have never tried this
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Petes way is the only way to do it without a cutting torch. The drive cables are easy to get out of the motors if you can gt the front of the seat track bent up. They are just held in with a hairpin clip. Grab the clip with a vise grip, and pull, and the clip will come right out. Remove cable. Inside cable is a square shaft that looks just like a speedo cable. Chuck the square shaft in a reversable drill, and move the seat. I forget which motor does what, but once you look at where the cables go, it will be obvious.

DOnt know if it can be done, but you might be able to remove the seat from the track assy by removing the 4 bolts that hold the seat to the track. That would make it much easier to get to the drive cables.

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