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OT (but you may want to see) 2004 Mustang at NAIAS.
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Looks like a fastback from the 60s and a little Aston Martin too.
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I'd say very Aston Martin. I don't really like the tail lights, they would look better round. Dare I say, like the old 'vettes? But with a more Euro look to go along with the Aston image.
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Personally I really like the car (and Aston Martins too), and I agree with Kev on the tailights. The tailights are supposed to remind you of the '68-'70 Shelby's and I don't have a problem with that or the style of them but I think they need to be more subtle or at least sized to fit the car better, to me they are just too large.

BTW, this car will not be a '2005 model not a '2004.


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Given the trends of availability when it comes to performance cars in america, I doubt the supercharger will ever actually make it to production. If it does it won't be cheap.

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#5[email protected]$...ceptg.html and[email protected]$...ceptg.html for some cleaner pix. And they never had any intention of adding the super to the GT lineup.

"In the fall of 2004, the new ‘Stang is slated for release just in time for it’s 40th anniversary, even though it will technically be sold as a 2005 model. They will be available with a new OHC V6 in base trim, and a new OHC V8 in the GT, as well as an SVT Cobra that is intended to scare Corvette Z06 owners. The release of the 2002 Bullitt Mustang, 2003 Mach I, and soon to come 2004 Boss 302 (something I can’t wait to see), points to the retro mentality once again." -Gearhedz (Adam Reeves)

They always put some crazy powerful engine in the concepts that are never meant to make it to the production line.

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I'd like to think my life has a soundtrack, and it sounds just like the white album.

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Overall I like it although the (red) interior is a bit garrish for my taste. I'm left wondering how they can get 390 HP and 390 ft lbs torque out of a 3.9L (Tbird) and only get 400 HP and 390 ft lbs out of 4.6 L (Mustnag)

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