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Online repair manuals - Bedford library
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Earlier this week I tried to use this sight and found the user id and password had been changed again. I just found this on another sight.

User ID = fl2823

Password = HORN

I use this site alot and thought someone else might find this useful also.
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Don't often use this but just tried the old and then looked here and tried this and it did not work. Maybe they added some new security.

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I used this link last night for about 2 hours with no problems. It apparently was via Elgin AFB Library. There web site says that the account and password were changes in 09/2009. sounds like they got wind of the pasword / login being published. I just looked up my local library and found out they have the same link with there own password. I log into my regional library under my library card and then it connects to the on line manuals. It is Chilton manuals by the way. I will not give out the link and location since it is under my name. (sorry guys). Any ways my suggestion is for anyone interested to check with there local library and see what they got and if you can access it from home. I also found out that the local Army base has ALLDATA available at there library. Always an option.

good luck to all
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password is now password.
used today.
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Wow this a great info thanks for this.
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Guys I just picked up a Chilton on Amazon for $5.98!!!
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