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Did my tune up 2 days ago, took about hour at a snails pace, put everything together and car still idles horrible, next day (when my starter acted up, btw hasnt done it since), it idles perfectly and has ever since. Now Im curious to know if any of you have noticed your computer taking a while to recognize changes. Cause everytime Ive had a problem like say when my tps and ect went bad and even if the battery was disconnected for over an hour, the car wouldnt respond to the changes till the following morning, laugh but its true, every time. Maybe my EEC is just going slow at its old age. My tach shows it idling about 12-1300 but since all my gauges read horribly, im guessing its right where it should be by just how it sounds, 1000 to my ears sounds to low and close to stall.

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Mine sort of reacted that way too, Zeus. I think the computer needs time to think about what it's going to do to react to the changes. Maybe wrong, but what do I know? [Image: smile.gif]
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I'm not sure if it is true for all EEC-IV or not, but some if not all, have an adaptive Open Loop map. This means, for instance, if your O2 starts to go bad, the ECM will automatically begin to try and correct for it. When you reset the computer (disconnect the "+" batt for 10 min or so) it takes a period of time to relearn its map, which is why often mods feel faster after driving for a while. Again, I dont know if this applies to ours, but it does apply to many EEC-IV's. Just be glad you dont have a early 90's GM. If you reset the ECM, it doesn't relearn how to work, you have to TEACH it!!!!
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