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okay i give up
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okay so i finally found a place to sell a stock replacement cam but by the time i order it and the rockers i am 140 into it soooo does anyone know of a good aftermarket performance cam for the 87-88 turbo coupes? if so who makes it where can i get it? part #?

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just got on the ford motorsports web page and they show 3 cams that they say are good for turbo or N/A use
M-6250-A233 hyd flat tappit .404 int .404 exh
duration is 270 deg int and 270 deg exh

M-6250-A234 hyd flat tappit .420 int .420 exh
duration is 272 deg int 280 deg exh

M-6250-A237 hyd roller cam .420 int .420 exh
duartion is 274 deg int and 282 deg exh

any body have any input or experience with these?
sorry if my questions are annoying i just have my car torn down and don't want to put it back together without replacing the cam and as long as i am doing that might as well add a better cam right?

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The 237 is a great cam, I have it in my 88. Its a roller, so you are ahead of stock there. I like it because it seems to give me a bit more consistant power throughout the rpms.
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Take some time and read up on this subject, which has been covered extensively both on here and on Turboford.
Much depends on what you plan on doing with your car and where it will spend the most time, ie road or at the track, and what kinds of modifications you are looking to put on.
The one thing I can tell you for certain is this: Nobody agrees on what the "perfect" cam is.
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Ebay or Northern auto parts online

Couldn't find followers

nice stock cam
Ebay Item number: 330139124633

ranger roller: 190156059970

JT's cam w/ followers: 330006875936
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I have a new Stock cam and followers that I didn't use when I decided to go roller. Send me a PM if interested.
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The A237- isn't cheap. It's also a high end cam. It doesn't come alive until at least 3K and is kind of doggy until then. Has a great top end and is strong to the rev limiter. If you don't have some mods, this is probably not the cam to start with.
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Engle also has some nice cams, as does schneider, comp, etc.

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