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The car was cold and wasn't warmed up at all and my son took off down the street and got 1st gear up to around 4000 rpm before shifting to 2nd. I saw some oil looking smoke in the exhaust that I have never seen before. The car has only 80,000 miles and gets changed every 2500 with castrol synetec. I'm not sure if any boost was raised or not. I told him not to be jumping on it like that when cold but this car with the 3.73 rear end and the transplanted 5 speed and gillis valve wants accelerate rather quickly. What should I be concerned about if anything.

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sure it was not just due to cold engine and richness due to RPM. It is probably just running real rich.
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Quote:What should I be concerned about if anything.

Quote:my son took off down the street
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First, I agree with Pete! When my son drives the T-Bird, I pray a lot. What was the air temperature? My car (116,000 miles)will smoke when it first starts on a cold Pennsylvania morning.

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Nothing to be worried about unless it pours out all the time.

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