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Oil return sizes and material
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In the process of replacing my exh. man. gasket, I managed to crack my oil return line. With some putty, tape, and zip ties I managed to get it home (with zero leakage actually...)

I have had an oil return flange for some time, and figure I should put it on. It is female thread, so I plan to take it to the store with me to find a barbed nipple for it, but I dont know what size the fitting off of the 45* adapter on the block is.

Also, I have my doubts that a std. rubber line will be sufficient with how close it is to the bottom of the manifold. The gorilla tape I used in the temp fix shows signs of melting in the very light throttle (avg'd 35 mpg) trip home...

Has anyone else gone this route? What material did you use to connect the two ends?
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i've seen the flexible [metal] gas lines in the hot water heater section used with success

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IMHO rubber is a no-no. Think about how hot the turbo gets Angry and how the oil cools it as well as lubricates it.

I'm sure rubber has been used successfully in the past by someone, but I sure wouldn't do it!
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How about getting a return line from stinger ?
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TurboBoost88 Wrote:How about getting a return line from stinger ?

that's what's on 2 of mine! Smile

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That's what I attention to the instructions
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