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oil press. high
Not long ago, I changed out my oil pres. sending unit, it was leaking around it, so I said, what the hell and changed it, thread taped it up and hasn't leaked since, but it has been reading all the way up the the highest part of the norm section since then. Dangerous to the engine or anything? Hope not. Thanks for any advice.

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Where was it reading before you changed it? And does it drop as the car warms up?

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I have one of my birds (87) that reads high.

Question I would have... how are the other gauges reading? One of the symptoms of the Instrument Voltage Regulator (IVR) being bad is the gauges reading too high. First time my IVR failed I was running down the highway and suddenly notice my TEMP was WAY up (almost in the red) and the OIL was WAY up also. (seems it would be low as temp thinned it out) In any event as I was on the verge of panic I noticed my gas gauge which had read about 3/4s of a tank not too long ago, pegged over full.

So.. are your other gauges way off as well?
If so I would suspect the IVR.

If not.. let me know what you find out.. as my 87 has a new IVR and I still get high readings on the oil and was getting ready to change out the sender.

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It used to read in the middle, and nope, it doesn't drop off as the car warms up, stays right up there. Think the parts store just gave me the wrong one? All the other gauges read perfectly fine.

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I have changed 3 of them on 3 different cars and each new one reads higher than any of the ones they replaced. Two of them drop some as the oil warms up, the third one hardly drops at all. My suggestion would be to put a mechanical pressure gauge on it to see what you are actually getting. I got a cheap pressure gauge that I screw in where the sending unit goes, check the cold and hot idle readings and rev it to 2000 hot for a reading, remove the gauge and put the new sending unit in. Or mount one inside the car.

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