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Hey Folks, once again I rely upon this forum with help for my POS! I put in 3 quarts of oil today, and my turbo seals are bad. I have not noticed smoke and or large amounts of oil leaking. Where could this oil be going to that I wouldn't find it? Any help with my oil situation and or turbo would help. And yes I know the best thing to do is to just sell it!


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88 Turbo Coupe-5 speed

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[Image: eek.gif]sounds bad! Is there oil in your coolant?

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Why do you say the turbo seals are leaking? Is there any sign of oil on the compressor blades, in the inlet tube, in the hose from the VAM to the inlet pipe?
How many miles on the engine? Have you checked the coolant for oil. Done a compression and leak down test. Do you see
smoke in the exhaust? Under what conditions.
any oil on the ground after the car sits? Have you looked for leaks. How many miles to the quart of oil?

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