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oil in radiator
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I noticed after letting my car sit that I thought I had a big oil leak. I checked and found that a mixture of oil and antifreeze was blown out of the overflow tank of the radiator. A nieghbor said that it could be an intake gasket. What do you guys think? He said that I could get a kit the included a new head gasket. If that is what I need can anyone guess on a repair price. Thanks in advance.


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You can pick up a full gasket set for about 35.00 at many local parts stores, but some don't come with upper intake gaskets or new head bolts.

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The good new is you can get what they call an upper end gasket kit that will have both the intake and the head gasket and a couple others. The bad news is it isn't the intake gasket that's causing the problem, it's the head gasket.

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There is an article on head gasket replacement in the Technical Articles.
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There is only air in the intake track. Take Pete's advice and read up on that head gasket article.
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You should have water in the oil pan/dipstick too. If you do, I'd go with the blown head gasket theory. Are you sure it's oil? If you have an A/T or a radiator with an internal transmission cooler, it could be trans fluid. Just another theory, I've never experienced it.
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I had the same thing happen on my red 87tc. Turned out to be a cracked block in cyl number 1. Looked like a milkshake. Funny thing was the car still ran good. Most of the time it even ran cool. Even with out the fans hooked up.
Whith the fans hooked up it always ran cool. I ran it for over a year like that! Not recomended of course but with a craked block I did not have much to loose.
I did not have water in the oil for a long time. Just oil in the radiator. It was a 5 speed car so it was for sure engine oil.
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