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oil in air inlet tube before turbo
getting ready to install K&N filter on 84t/c
and noticed more oil in the rubber air intake
that runs from box under air filter to turbo,
also turbo overboost has been going off (seems early) i believe it is still stock set up, we just got it running this last years it had been setting up for 3 yrs. last few months no overboost when u get into it. just started happening , never could find the pcv valve in this thing either, any help appreciated doug

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I had the same problem with some oil in the intake, I changed the PCV valve and it's bone dry now. Make sure you *only* use a Motorcraft replacement. I tried a parts store brand and it blew oil out the dipstick tube! The PCV valve is stuck between two hoses right next to the valve cover on the driver's side, they just pull apart and the valve is in between.

As for the overboost buzzer, it should not go off if it is a stock setup. What psi does it hit on the boost gauge when it goes off? I'm inclined to say it's a bad buzzer switch if the boost is no higher than before, but you might want to verify that with another boost gauge as the stock one can be inaccurate.
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Some oil in the Turbo Inlet is normal. It comes in from the Breather Tube which leads back to the Valve Cover.

The PCV Valve could be letting a little pressure into the crankcase, an forcing more oil laden air through the Breather. The PCV Valve is located just in front of the Distributor, behind the Alternator. There is a rubber hose coming up from another Breather located under the Lower Intake, the PCV Valve is plugged into this hose. If you can blow through the little end of the PCV, replace it.

I can't help you with the Overboost situation. You might want to consider adding a Boost Gauge so you can see what your level actually is.

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If your getting more boost now and that is setting off the buzzer then you need to check the vacuum line going to the waste gate actuator, the actuator itself and even the waste gate may be stuck. Be care ful until you know how much your getting and if it's increase, why.

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