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Oil Filter to use?
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I noticed on the Motorcraft site that they list three oil filters. FL300 - the old part number and also FL332 and FL339. Does anyone know if these are better? Perhaps one has a anti drain back valve - just a guess?

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I believe the FL300 has an anti-drainback valve, don't know about the other two.

In case you want some real in-depth normal-guy evaluations of various oil filters (very enlightening) you might look here:

BTW - welcome to the site! Are you a new TC owner or just new here?
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Welcome to the board. Post a pic of your car.
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Hello JoeCool I am newly registered with the site. I have been a dedicated Turbo Coupe fan from 1987 on. I have a 1988 fully optioned Turbo Coupe that I restored with all new trim, lights etc. I have not used the car in the last 6-7 years. It is stored under a car cover right now, but I am dedicated to using it as a daily driver again soon. It does leak oil at the turbo and it needs a new exhaust system. This site is awesome. It really motivates me to do some minor mods to the car and get it back in use.

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I've always just used the FL-300 Motorcraft filter with Mobil 1 synthetic.
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If Walmart doesn't have the FL-300 I go to NAPA and get one of theirs.

As that article says, steer clear of Fram. Ive even heard stories of them breaking open, all the oil draining and thus engine seizing.
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Well, since I got rid of my oil/water cooler, I have a little more room in that spot. I now use the FL-1A filter. A big honkin filter for my little motor, hehehe. Anyways, I just figure that a little more paper in there is a good thing.

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There was nothing on that link about the K&N oil filter, anybody have an opinion on them ?
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I use a K&N filter w/Mobile 1 in my 2000 Durango. When i change the oil @7500 mi, it looks like it's only been in there a couple weeks. I don't quite know if it's the oil or the filter, but I like using both at the same time. I should really do an oil analysis sometime.
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i found usefull... even includes some information about oil analysis... its a honda site though
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