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Oil cooler, anyone done this?
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In the middle of rebuilding the engine. 

I have come to the point of putting the oil cooler back on and have decided to either delete it or change it to a sandwich and add cooler up front. 

Would have liked to put it back on, but not excited about that, since engine had 200k and i don't have much history on that 200k.

I know a new one is pretty much out. 

So has anyone put a sandwich in and run through an automatic trans radiator on a 5sp?  Kind of be similar approach, right?

I'm switching to a new turbo that doesn't have water cooling. Not sure if that makes a difference. 


88 black bird.

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A sandwich type adaptor and external cooler should work. Just be sure the sandwich isnt any thicker than the stock cooler or you will have trouble getting the oil filter on/off due to interference with the steering shaft.

The stock oil "cooler" also warms the oil much quicker after a cold start. In other words the stock "cooler" is really a oil temperature to coolant temperature equalizer. You may want to consider a thermostatic valve that bypasses the external cooler until the oil warms up to 180 deg F or so, especialy if you live in a cold climate. I have seen these valves online, but cant remember where I saw them.
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OK thanks. The warming thing is why i thought about running it through the automatic trans ports on the radiator, i have generic radiator with those ports, but car is 5sp. I have now read that the flow probably isn't good enough to do that, though.

I also read something that said routing the oil external isn't a good idea on stock flow volume pumps. I am putting back a stock flow pump, because of the issues I've read about the aux shaft and dizzy gears. I have ordered the esslinger billet shaft and gear, still waiting on it.

I know some have just deleted the stock cooler and not put anything back. Is this my best option?

I live near atlanta, it's hot most of the year. I doubt I'll ever over cool the oil.


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