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oil and temp guages inop
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Did a search and did not find the info I am looking for. I got the new engine in and running!!! Let it run for 30 mins with non detergent oil and then dumped it. The oil pressure and temp guages were not working. The ECT seemed to work because the coolant fan came on for a while, it was a cooler night.

I am thinking that the connection for the two guages are on the same harness as the injectors and the ECT, and they work, no fuses appear to be blown either. What could I have miseed or cause this ?
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pardon my newbness, none of the topics found on the search seemed to fit. After some reading i found this thread;t=000743

That fixed it Big Grin I am just happy I remembered to plug the vam in lol.
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Temp gauge does not get its signal from the ECT, it gets it from the small one wire sensor in the block just above the oil filter. Is it connected? If you took it out, did you put teflon tape on the threads? The sensor gets its ground thru the threads, and if something like teflon tape is insulating it, it wont work. Ditto for the oil press sender.

If the fuel gauge is working correctly, the problem is NOT the power feed to the IVR or the IVR itself.
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For the Temp Guage:
Look at the "Wiring or Sensor" Thread
Should be on the General Discussion page
within the first 20 Posts.

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