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oil analysis
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does anyone do this or has anyone had it done?

I went on which seems to be a very, very popular site where people hang out and talk about oil. Pretty amazing... Anyway, there was a link to send off a sample to have it checked out. Free analysis kit. I did it and got the sample about 2-3 days later. Turns out the place is less than a mile from my house. I was shocked and overjoyed at the same time. And I made fun of people who hang out and talk about oil all day. The place is called Blackstone Labs ( Seems like a very good place, the kit was very professional grade. I recently changed the oil so it will be a while before I try it. Let me know about your results.

They can also do a report that will tell you if you can extend your oil changes too. It's $10 extra and they tell you how much life the oil had left in it so you don't change it routinely too early.

The cost of basic oil analysis is $22.50 plus shipping. It cost them $1.56 to send me the kit and they said it would cost $1.90 to send back through USPS.
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Yea, I've used them a few times do do oil analysis for my turbo diesel vehicles. They do a good job, pretty fast turnaround too.

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