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While swapping a motor into my car I went ahead and put in a new clutch and flywheel both from autozone. I know its possible, but is it likely for the clutch to be slipping in higher rpm's in first and second with 17psi?

I was thinking it was something fuel related making it feel like It was losing power after about 3500 rpm but it only does It in first and second gear, and maybe a lil bit in 3rd.

You guys think I'm maxing out my clutch?

87 Burgundy TC 5spd. K&N Cone filter-Walboro 255HP-.60/.63 Garret T3-Gillis @ 18psi.
SHELF: NPR FMIC-Ford Racing 42# injectors-Tripminder-

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I don't see anything in your signature that would suggest you are maxing out a good quality OEM clutch.

1. Clutchs almost always slip in the higher gears first, not the lower gears. Has to do with torque and loading. So if your not seeing slippage in the higher gears it is something else going on.

Slippage is witnessed when the tach goes up and the speedo doesn't.

Have you pulled the codes and done the fuel system diagnostics. Much easier to do than pulling the trans.
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