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o2 sensor
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does the 86 t-bird have a different o2 than the 87-88's? I bought an 86 with no turbo and I can't find the o2 sensor plug. Or does the 86 have the one wire o2 sensor? instead of the 3 wire?

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ON the same line of questions, Does anyone know if an 86, mustang 4cyl, 02 sensor will work on my 88 tc? I cannot remember, how many wires it had,(think it was 3) but the bolt part where it screws into the manifold, looks different than the one on my car. If im not mistaken, I think Autozone's bosch replacement has the same part numbers.
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I can't say for sure on the 86 TC but my 86 SVO has a single wire 02. tHE 87-88 tcS ARE 3 wire.
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I am pretty sure 86 used a one wire O2 sensor. You can easily upgrade to a 3 wire by supplying the 3 wire with 12V with key in run, and a gorund.

From viewpoint of the electrical characteristics of the sensor element, all narrow band O2 sensors are the same, meaning they all have the same A/F to voltage transfer function.
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