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o crap, whats going on?!?!
Turbosnowbird Offline
So i was out driving on a grid road tonight, doing about 100 (60mph) and these two dear pop out of the ditch. Slam on the breaks, miss the dear but not by much. All is well.Then I decided I was gonna throw some stones so I put the spurs to her and pinned it. All the sudden it feels like it falls flat on its face - worried i might have blown something i slow down - engine seems fine so I give it some juice and whammo, its in the 6000's in no time! All the sudden the engine accelerates almost 3times faster. I tried it on black top and same thing, stop to 60 in about 4 seconds, really really wierd. It hasnt had a lack of power since. What is happening? Is my car dying?

Pete D Offline
If you are saying that you got a sudden unexplained increase in power then it sounds like something to do with the waste gate. may be it isn't opening to limit boost when it should. Make sure the waste gate actuator is working properly and starting to open the gate around 9-10 psi..
Pete Dunham


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