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Nooooo, Stupid turbo!!!!
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I went to install my BPV today, when I took off the intake flex tube I something that I wish I hadn't. Their was a pool of oil in the intake elbow and a nice coat of oil around the wall, the flextube was coated with oil, and the opening to the VAM looked like the turbo elbow. My first guess, seals are shot in the turbo and I will have to send it in to get it rebuilt. Is that what it sounds like to everyone else? I am kinda glad that I found this now.


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my intake tube (Flextube?) has a little oil in it, as do the intercooler not sure why
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Oil contamination [dirt] has been forced into the bearings and in turn, this has ruined the oil seal. Oil in the inlet-I/C or connector tubes all point to a turbo rebuild.
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The oil is probably coming from the breather. the breather is vented into the inlet bell of the turbo. I had the same problem and bypassed that hose. No more oil. Just plug the hole in the inlet bell and then run a piece of hose down the back of the engine so the oil will drain all the way down the back and not burn on it.

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Before you do anything else, check the PCV valve, behind the distributor. Remove it and blow through the small end. If you can blow ANY air at all through it, it is bad and allowing boost into the crankcase. This can do lots of bad things including force excess oil out the breather on the valve cover. Said oil ends up in the turbo inlet and flex tube.
Some oil there is not unnatural. Replace PCV with only the Ford part. Also clean the breather cap with carb spray. Clean out the inlet and flex tube and see what happens. If the above doesn't fix it, then it is probably the turbo. When you get the compressor inlet tube off check the turbo shaft for end and side play.

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