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No problem
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ran my '88 a couple of hundred miles today. no problems.

56,000 miles on the odometer. Just want to remind you guys that when these cars run, they run nice. had a lot of fun on some twisties and got into the boost up and down the hills. she handles like cat's claws on velcro...

man I love these cars!
Sustineo alas, 1988, manual trans

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hehehehee you posted when you DIDNT have a problem...LOL

APRIL 2018 - LOOKING FOR A NEW CAR. PM me if you have an 87-88 roller or cheap TF for sale.
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These cars are very reliable, IMO. In the nearly 9 years I have had my TC, I only had one breakdown on the road, and I was able to get it going again in about 10 mins. I have driven my TC to the east coast, Texas, AZ, many times, and it always performed flawlessly....... a claim many 3 year old cars cant make.
Jeff Korn

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I always laugh when they say F.ound O.n R.oad D.ead. I always say Fast On Race Day!!! Passed many other newer cars broke down, smokin, leaking, barely runnin and a lot newer.
Dom Z
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Amen. Like Jeff, only been stranded once when I ran a used, drop in TFI that tested good and failed when hot. 15 minutes, my spare distributor from the trunk and a couple toasted fingers and I was down the road again.

Hope the white one runs trouble free this weekend. It's going to southern OH for the get together in Dayton. I have hardly had it out for lack of time, so I'm looking to the trip. Tomorrow it gets an oil change and a TPS.
Pete Dunham


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