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No longer a turbo coupe owner
Hwyman Offline
Thanks for all the advice and help to everyone. I no longer own my turbo coupe. I gave it to my son and bought myself a 2005 escape. She was a good car, but just became unfeasable for daily driving to work. Ill be sure to get him to frequent the site and continue on where I left off.

Gary F Offline
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Congratulations, I think.
Gary Fraser

I used to be normal...then I got a Turbo Coupe.
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87TurboBobby Offline
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I'm like Gary F, I don't know about that one. But good luck and I'm sure your son will do the Coupe well.
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Jeff K Offline
At least theTC is still in the family. Good luck
Jeff Korn

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vegas_ss Offline
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I too am relinquishing my TC to my daughter and taking her car that she can't afford (07 Scion tC)... Oh well, maybe get another TC one day. Of course I get a car she is upside down in!

Funny how I go from a TC to tC...

I'll still be around I'm sure as now I get to fix it still, but not drive it much, if at all!
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Pete D Offline
I'm with Jeff, at least it is still in the family!!
Good luck.
Pete Dunham


FLSTCI71 Offline
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I also am happy to see it stay in the family. My son has two TCs and he lets me drive them, well, if I put gas in them. LOL.
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riisitas Offline
The TC is still in the family... That's a good thing. Good luck with the Escape.
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