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No boost whistle?
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I will be buying a 1988 TC on Friday. When we took it for a test ride it ran great and everything, but I couldn't hear the turbo. My brother has an 86 with a T3, gillis, and K&N so maybe I'm just used to more turbo noise? The 88 was plenty quick but I couldn't hear the turbo, and also the stock gauge quit so it's not reading anything (obviously have to get that fixed). So is the very little noise on the IHI normal?
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The K&N is the secret, although the IHI isn't as loud as a T3.

Check the vacuum line going from the vacuum tree to the gauge. Chance are it is broken or has come off the back of the boost gauge. You will have to remove a couple trim pieces to get the gauge pod out, but it isn't hard.

Post some pics of the car when you get it.
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When you look at the stock before the turbo intake system, you wil see why you cant hear the turbo... about 3 right angle bends, a big metal screen in front of the VAM, and a tiny intake tube that sucks its aor from inside the fender.
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