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nitrous ? help
thunderbird234 Offline
im thinking of doing either a 100 or a 50hp shot of nitrous. my motor is fully ported the bottom end is stock and i have 65mm throttle body with ported upper/lower with a t3 and ported e6 3inch dp ranger cam all new gaskets 255 kirban with regulator at i believe 50lb with 35 lb rebuilt brown tops. is this enough to do nitrous thanks for any help

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As long as you engine is in good shape and your fuel system can keep up, you should be able to do it.
Pete Dunham


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That sounds like plenty,and I just happen to be selling a used nitrous set up in the for sale section [Image: biggrin.gif] (shameless plug) [Image: biggrin.gif]

Too much fun, what's that mean?That's like too much boost,there's no such thing.

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just keep in mind, with any charged vehicle( supercharged or turbo charged) the shot doubles, simply meaning 50 shot becomes 100 shot and so on

what is it, where does it go? oh well,cant be that important.
what is it, where does it go? oh well,cant be that important.

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the shot doubles,please explain why .I am looking into giving my car a shot

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