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Nice 1987 Turbo Coupe parts car in Tucson, AZ
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Whilst searching for a Ford Premium Sound radio at various salvage yards here in Phoenix, AZ, I discovered a good parts car in nearby Tucson. It’s missing all of the drivetrain, but (curiously) the cylinder head is available. The seats are available, and most of the rest of the red interior is there, including the instrument panel (indicating the car has 130,215 miles). Also, all four rims are available, although it’s hard to tell what the condition is of each. (NOTE: I purchased the glove compartment latch/release on 4/27/18.)

(PLEASE NOTE that I’ve not been advised as to the costs of any individual parts; therefore I can’t post any such prices here. You’ll have to contact the yard for more information.)

What impresses me most about this car is the sheet metal. Aside from a crumpled driver’s front fender and a slight crease on the left rear one, all the panels appear intact. (Of course, since this Arizona there is no rust damage.) This includes the trunk lid, hood and header panel. It’s rare to find a vehicle in salvage that isn’t at least half wrecked and unusable. (NOTE: I purchased the small rubber trim piece at the rear of the right front fender on 4/27/18.)

What’s inside the trunk remains a mystery.

(**UPDATE, 4/27/18: The tinting is separating at the bottom of the rear window (see previous photos). Back in October 2017 I had considered this part to be a replacement for my own rear window, as mine is developing the “snowflake” pattern. While I am still considering it, I’d have to have it retinted now before installation.)

I’ve recently purchased a small fender finish piece and the turbocharger from this vehicle. Chris, the yard’s owner, was easy to work with and the parts were reasonably priced. He claims the car is listed on I advised him that I would be posting these photos on our NATO site. He said he would process credit card transactions and ship parts accordingly. (Be advised though that the location is generally considered to be a u-pull-it yard.)

He prefers CASH if you visit there in person.

(DISCLAIMER: Other than several transactions and a few telephone calls, I have no other connection with this salvage yard or individual.)

The car is located at Arizona Auto Wrecking, 5561 South 4th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85706. The phone number is 520 889-0461, ask for Chris. (Please mention that you learned of the car through NATO.)

Here are some photos:

Also, please advise of any transactions you might have with Chris (be aware that at times his customer service skills aren’t the best, depending on how busy they are), also what parts if any you purchase, so the rest of us can be aware of what’s still available.
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1987 Turbo Coupe w/T5OD, 8.8 axle, grey smoke; most options. Got it in 1991 with 41K miles: 3 turbos, 2 heater cores, 3 T5OD full rebuilds, 6 clutches, 1 head gasket, 2 Teves II ABS units, etc. later....

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