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Newbies B4 you ask(yes its a rant)
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See that blurb that says "Post New Topic" that you were getting ready to use? ?
Well Look down and just a bit to the right of it and youll see the, dare I say it, SEARCH selection...
I am just giving out a rash of crap. as I am sure we have all done it once or twice but there are some of you that repeatedly ask for things that would be blatently listed in the archives SOMEWHERE but the questions still get asked...Please atleast try it, then if you dont find it we will all be happy to help..Thanks
So whats your point?

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Nice thought but this is the times where it is easier to ask than to do the work. Most learn after a length of time or start seeing the trend from others. Not really upsetting.

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Ooooo! Can I rant about non-newbies who are too lazy to spell out complete words? B4 this gets 2 off-topic, I would give the NB a break. K?
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Its not about giving the newbie or regular a break.If you read the whole post youd see that. Its about bringing to light a sublect that as I read some of these posts has rubbed a few people the wrong way.Too many times I have seen topics that could have easily been negated by a simple trip to the search feature.I know that at times I have done it myself w/o thinking or maybe I searced the wrong thing.All I am asking is to try it,just once
Ed Meinel

Ooooo! Can I rant about non-newbies who are too lazy to spell out complete words? B4 this gets 2 off-topic, I would give the NB a break. K?

I abbreviated the B4( as in BEFORE) so I could put in the appropriate "RANT" section.
I felt that some people may deem it a waste of time,as some do in using the SEARCH function, to read if they new it was a rant and not necessarily a post deemed to really be "helpful".Gives some of the regulars who attempt to make the site prosper an idea of whats inside, similar to what people do to "political" posts.

By the way you have been giving most of my posts a bit of a rash,whats up with that?

Anyways rant over...8)

Edit: This is in no way to be an english lesson, I in no way intend to instruct or imply that I am or ever have been an English instructor,nor a typing master.Nobdy is perfect. Thanks

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So whats your point?

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I don't see what the problem is personally. Sure, maybe something was covered before, but who cares if someone asks a question again? Maybe someone has some additional insight into the subject that wasn't covered in the original post. 'sides, this would probably be a pretty dead forum if no one ever posted.

Here's what I think: If something is an FAQ and there is a definitive answer, it should be put in an FAQ...the search sometimes takes a while to sift through.

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look man...shut up...damn...
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I would have to ask, "who died and made you moderator?"
The people running this place are quite capable.
Also if we are tired of answering we won't post.
This is not turboford!
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Forgot to put my flame suit on....
So whats your point?

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Stopping this before we get too carried away.

Thread closed!!

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