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newbie with an 88 question...HELP
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I am a newbie who is looking at a 1988 TC with 79k and AT. It hadn't been run in a while. I got it started today and it seems to be backfiting or popping back into the intercooler. I pulled the IC and there is a lot of carbon in the IC inlet area. Is this something common or should I pass on the car?



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Myself, I wouldn't recommend an Automatic TC to anyone (hope that doesn't offend some of you), but to each his own. The Automatic Transmission is not a very strong transmission; that is, it won't take much abuse, at least not like the T-5 manual. If you can get the car at a decent price and you are mechanically inclined to work on the car, it might be a great deal!

As far as the carbon in the IC inlet, I'm not sure. It is common for them to have an oil film in that area. Since it has been sitting for a while maybe the oil has "dried" up a bit. Without seeing it and actually putting a finger to it, it's hard to say.

Jim Portteus
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If it's back firing yo need to check the cam timing. It sounds like the belt that drives the cam jumped. set the crank to the tD mark on the timing indicator for the #1 cyl compression stroke and then see if the mark on the cam pully lines up with the center mark on the back cam cover- remove the plug from the front cover to see the marks.
Pete Dunham


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