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Hey all.

I joined on behalf of my mom. She own an 88 TC 5 speed in black.
My brother and I will be posting on her behalf. I'm not new to forums or cars/trucks as I own a couple hot rod trucks.

We'll be after information and parts for her car. It suffered some front and rear damage last fall.

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Welcome aboard ��‼
Dan S
Custom 88 TC, Mandarin Copper Pearl Metallic
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WELCOME!! You will find a lot of useful information here and a super group of people, more like a family.
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Welcome to the board. Post some pics when you can!
Pete Dunham


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Shine she may, Run she must

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Welcome to NATO!
Jeff Korn

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Welcome! Where in Michigan are you?
1987 5 sp.
- 4.6 2v swap.

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I'm in Ypsilanti. Car is in Grand Rapids.

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Welcome Grapelady and fellow Michiganders. I'm In the Hillsdale area which is about 30 miles south of Jackson.
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Welcome to the family.....Smile
88 turbocoupe, gillis valve, k&n, short throw shifter,3" exhaust with magnaflows,Garrett(turbonetics) T3,AFPR,18lbs boost for now.....

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