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Thanks to Mick (aka "FoxChassis" @ Four Eyed Pride), we now have a VIN decoder specifically targeted to TC's and LN-7's at our disposal. Use the 'VIN Decoder' link on the right or the link from the NATO home page to access and use the decoder.

The only thing Mick asks in return is some honest feedback so he may continue to improve the software. Please leave any feedback as replies to this message.


[color:#FF0000]UPDATE 7-28-2013: Mick's NATO Alias is also 'FoxChassis'[/color]


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Awesome! Thanks for making this happen Mick. Looks like mine are the 132,594th and the 118,209th of 1988 Thunderbirds. Any way to find out which number Turbocoupe it was?
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Very cool

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Hey guys, I registered here years ago when I had an '87 TC. Doesn't look like I ever actually made any posts. Sad

I was working on decoders for FEP (Four Eyed Pride) and thought other sites that were for specific Foxes could use it. So I approached Joe about using it on NATO. Smile

Regarding the info returned by the decoder, more specifically the consecutive unit number (last six), that info is not specific to TC or XR-7. When decoding a VIN you should notice the unit number info returned reads "Ford" (not "Thunderbird" or "Turbocoupe") or "Mercury" (not "Cougar" or "XR-7"). That is because Thunderbird/Cougars were not always the only model lines made at that particular assembly plant. If there were other Fords and or Mercurys made at the same plant in the same model year the unit numbers were interleaved.

After I gathered all four-eyed Capri and Mustang VINs I moved on to gathering VINs for other Foxes. I did end up gathering TC and XR-7 VINs but it never got totally finished for all years. What I did get was 1983-1985, if NATO is interested in that info. See here: FYI: that info is NOT verified to be correct.


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Like it mine was #98,822
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Very nice. Thanks Mick
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Awesome. Gonna have to check mine out sometime.
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Mine was #75,260 @ Lorain in 1988. Wish there was a way to find out what number Turbo Coupe it was.
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There are ways to figure these things out. Wink It just takes a while to do the grunt work. And without verification through Ford's production database it's all guess work anyway.

In the 1988 model year...

1) Which Ford model(s) was/were made at Lorain?
2) Which other plant(s) produced the Thunderbird?
3) Which other plant(s) produced the Turbo Coupe?


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