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So I just picked up my 85 turbo coupe the other day for $500. It's a dream car that I couldn't pass up. As is the car has some wiring problems that I am working out along with some leaks. After that I'm going to start the modding process and have some fun. So the low down is 1985 TC stick, Motor is out of a 87 so it has the top mount intercooler and IHI turbo. Car came with a manual boost controller, k&n, 3.73 gears, what appears to be a 3in down pipe no cat to a glass pack dumped. Kid also gave me a ported e6 head, along with a few new parts gaskets ect… The interior is in ok shape I know more once I get it put back together and figure out what is broken. So currently have a floor full of tune up parts waiting to go on once its not freezing outsize. Here she is the day I towed her home. [Image: IMG_1704_zpsadad23ba.jpg]
and after I bought some cobra r's to replace the flat stockers. Yes I know the outside needs a lot of love.
[Image: IMG_1707_zps02b7add9.jpg]

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Welcome to the addiction.
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Welcome to the board.
Pete Dunham


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Welcome! Looks like a great project car.
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Sweet find !

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Welcome! Great looking TC!
Jeff Korn

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Welcome, I'm sure you'll enjoy the madness.
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Looks to be in pretty decent shape. Not bad for $500.
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boosted chicken Wrote:Looks to be in pretty decent shape. Not bad for $500.

I guess I would have to say that if your TC only rates a not bad for $500, then most everybody that I know (including me) have been paying far too much for our TCs.
PS I am eager to see what you will be able to do with it.
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I traded for my 87, cash value of about $700. Clear coat is missing in a few spots and it needed 4 tires, a windshield, and some electrical work.
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